What do we leave behind?


A couple weeks ago, I discovered a structure left at a local waterfall as I went for a morning stroll with a friend. It’s a neat little piece of architecture that rises out of the water, and looking at it on this empty morning, I could just see the hands placing each rock in its proper location. Each one is delicately balanced on the other, but somehow managed to stay standing through the many people who had surely passed through this way since it was built.

It made me think of the many things that we create and leave behind as we go through our lives. Are we attentive to the placement of our words and our actions? Do we look to see if our structure is balanced and supportive? Do we have a foundation that goes deeper than the surface?

If we do, we can leave a lasting impression that inspires others to strive for something similar. If we do, we can provide a moment of beauty and inspiration for someone who crosses our paths, even if we aren’t aware of them. It’s a wonderful thing to be attentive to the way we are building our lives. May each of us be able to leave something wonderful behind.



About Karen May

Child of God, wife, mom, author, teacher, musician
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