I was talking to a friend last night about the stunning pictures he had taken during a photography trip to the Grand Tetons. I have been there before, but I’ve never seen it like this. The pictures were fantastic, and one of his comments really struck me. He said, “I’m so glad that the skies were cloudy. A perfect sky is horrible for being able to get depth and texture in a picture.” Isn’t that so true? Aren’t the best sunsets when there are enough clouds to capture the light as it slips beyond the horizon? Don’t they give us just a little more access to the beauty of the sun? Don’t they add just that touch of softness to a wide open sky, or give majesty to a formidable mountain? As I sit in the summer of Texas that seems to never end (that fall I said arrived a few days ago decided not to stay), I am reminded that they provide needed shade from the piercing sun above.

A clear, blue sky is beautiful, but we need to remember that when clouds, and even storms come, we would do well to find the beauty and gift in them. And, in case you missed it, I stopped talking about photography several sentences ago.

(Contact me for copies of any of these pictures and I’ll connect you with the photographer.)


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