How do I pray?


I have lots of plans for God. When I pray, I will give Him a list of the way that I think things should go, and I’ll ask for His approval. You’ve got to try, right? But, then I ask for His insight and His heart to take over mine. I ask for God to help me see what He is doing in each of those situations right now, and to help me watch for what He will do in them in the future. I ask for His guidance to be clear, and His presence to be made known.

It’s a tricky thing with prayer. We are told to pray specifically, and to ask for what we need.   When we do that and don’t get what we asked for, it can feel like we have been abandoned or rejected. However, when we only accept the answer that we expect or hope for, we can miss the answer that we receive. We can miss the multitude of graces that come from the time we start asking until the time we stop. That’s the key to prayer. It’s not an order form that we give for fulfillment, it is a dialogue. As with any dialogue, at least 50% of it is listening.


About Karen May

Child of God, wife, mom, author, teacher, musician
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