I’m waiting…

God is funny sometimes. I write a chapter in Be Not Afraid about how we shouldn’t fear delays, and God gives me a two month halt in the progress of something I am trying to do. I was going strong, and then it all came to a complete, dead stop. No emails being returned, phone calls going unanswered, appointments being cancelled. Stopped. Normally, I would see this as a sign that I had been going in the wrong direction. It was so sudden, and so unreal. Fortunately, I had just written a chapter about watching for what God is doing with us in these moments of delay, so I knew to look up for answers, not down at the failures. When I did, I could see that this rapid pace had shown me some weaknesses that I needed to address. I had a long list of action items that needed to be completed if I were going to continue. Slowly but surely, I have checked items off of that list. Then, after two months, I started to get email responses, returned phone calls, and rescheduled appointments. Life had gotten busy for lots of people, and now they were free. The delays may be over. I’m just glad I didn’t waste the time trying to accomplish the things I wasn’t ready for in the first place.


About Karen May

Child of God, wife, mom, author, teacher, musician
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3 Responses to I’m waiting…

  1. ke1950 says:

    YES! and amen 🙂 And enjoying your book very much….wish i’d been in the class too, but the book is great 🙂 Wasn’t expecting a SIGNED copy either! so doubly blessed……….kathy

  2. ke1950 says:

    Do YOU have a facebook page? I have kinda defaulted to mine cuz can’t seem to keep up with the website. would love to put your link on mine? http://www.facebook.com/patronsaintofmisfits


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