Dia de Los Muertos

img_8637Today we celebrate All Souls in the Catholic Church following yesterday’s celebration of All Saints. In Mexico, the holidays are combined into the Dia de los Muertes or the Day of the Dead. It sounds like a horror movie title, but in reality both days are a celebration and remembrance of those who have died before us. It is a time to remember ancestors, family, and friends. It is a day to celebrate the lives of the saints who have shown us a glimpse of God and a way to come closer to Him. It’s a holiday that gets little notice in America, but one that we should not miss.

In our culture, death is so final. We are uncomfortable with illness and mourning, and don’t know what to do with it, and we avoid it if at all possible. In our faith, it is a completely different story. Illness and suffering are not pleasant, but they are not avoided. They are ministered to and they are held gently. Mourning is given a place for expression. Most importantly, death is not final. Death is a transition to our final destination, and we pray that our destination is to see the face of God. May God bless all of our loved ones who have died, and may we remember them with peace, love, and joy on this day.


About Karen May

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