Fearless Friday

I’m going to turn the tables a little bit here. Rather than me inspiring you, I want you to inspire me. The theme of my life the last year or so has been Be Not Afraid. I’ve been writing it, I’ve been teaching it, God’s been challenging me in it, and God’s been blessing me in it. Today, I’m going to challenge you to be purposeful in living it. Find a moment today or in this next week where you step out a little in faith. Don’t worry that it’s too small. If it’s big enough for you, it’s big enough.

It could be skydiving (it won’t be skydiving for me), it could be calling someone you’ve been avoiding, or it could be saying hello to the homeless person on the corner.  Just do it, and tell me about what you did. Take a picture. Post it on Facebook, or Instagram, or Twitter with #BeNotAfraid. Explain it, or don’t. It doesn’t matter. You’ll know if God’s nudging your heart in a certain direction. Don’t get out of it by doing something that others would see as big. Go where He calls you, and watch Him work.


About Karen May

Child of God, wife, mom, author, teacher, musician
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