Here comes December

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Census at Bethlehem – Pieter Bruegel the Elder, 1566

The Christmas tree is decorated, lights adorn the house, and all that is left is to enjoy the Advent season. Time to wait for Christmas to arrive and reflect on the miracle that is soon to come. Wait. That’s not actually my life. The house is decorated – that miracle happened – but this time of wonder and waiting is rarely so peaceful for any of us.

In case I feel guilty for being too busy in the Christmas season, I try to think what this month must have been like for Mary as she was in her last month of her pregnancy.  Any household or work activity is ten times harder. Sleep has become an aerobic sport, and yes you wait. Endlessly. But then, you feel a kick and you are reminded that there is a little one who is almost ready to meet you, and you pause in the midst of the activity and c0nnect.

For us, there is much to be done, and much to celebrate in this next month. When we get that touch, that small nudge that begs our attention, we pause, and remember that this season is about preparing for Jesus. This season is about receiving a gift that is worth more than any we can purchase. He’s ready to meet us. Let’s get ready to meet Him.


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