Number the Stars

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Jesse Tree Day 4: I love the story of Abraham. He is a man of complete faith, trust, and obedience. You have to wonder what compelled him to do the things he did. God calls him out of the blue, and says, “Move to a new land,” and he packs up and goes. God says, “You’ll have a great big family someday,” and he waits for 25 years to have a son. God tells him to sacrifice that son, and he heads right out. (More on that tomorrow)

God honors this faithfulness and tells Abraham that nations will be blessed through him, and his descendants will outnumber the stars. Christmas is where this promise comes through. Jesus doesn’t come for a certain group of people, He comes for all of us. If God created all people, how could He only be interested in saving a few of them? The Israelites were always told they were the Chosen People, not because they won the VIP tickets, but because they were the ones to bring God to the world. They weren’t there to be served, but to serve. Don’t we hear that somewhere else? Around Easter, maybe? Soon, we will all be children of God, descendants of His family that began with Abraham. Jesus is coming.



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