Give me your only, beloved son

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Rembrandt, The Sacrifice of Isaac (1634)


Jesse Tree Day 5: The story of the sacrifice of Isaac is a challenge for many people. It is hard to reconcile a God who would demand child-sacrifice with the God of love that we hear about in church. We get so stuck in the sacrifice part, that we discount the fact that it was never carried out. It was not actually demanded when it came down to it. If all we see is a demanding God, we’ve missed the whole point.

After Abraham has the son he’s been so patiently waiting for, God tells him, “Take that only, beloved son of yours and sacrifice him. I’ll show you where.” Abraham packs up his son, some wood, and a donkey and starts walking for three days with no clue where he will stop. Are you getting the Jesus connections yet? There are many more connections to what God will do for us with His only, beloved Son – the one we are waiting for this Advent.

In the end, God used Abraham’s faith to show the world what He was going to do. This sacrifice was a sign of Abraham’s devotion to God. God’s gift of Jesus is a sign of His devotion to us. May our hearts be ready to receive it.

Genesis 22:1-14


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