Family Dynamics

Jacob, angel, wrestle, Dore, art, wrestling

The Wrestle of Jacob (Gustav Dore) 1855

Jesse Tree Day 6: Jacob was a crazy determined man. Even at birth, he came out grabbing the heel of his twin brother, not one to be left behind. He tricks his older brother into giving him the inheritance due to the oldest, works seven years to marry his bride, then seven more, because he was tricked into marrying the oldest first. (It was her birthright, after all – a little payback there) Then Jacob leaves to return to his homeland, and wrestles with an angel the entire night. Even the angel is impressed and renames him Israel.

Jacob/Israel has twelve sons who become the heads of the twelve tribes of Israel. He is literally the father of a nation. From these tribes, the chosen people will be led, formed, and encouraged in their faith and their relationship with God. From these tribes will come the families of Mary and Joseph.

It’s interesting to me that the Bible is not just some stories of random people in the world, but a family story. All the people we hear about are all related. Abraham – Isaac – Jacob – twelve sons. Some of them are pretty good, some are pretty messed up. All of them are part of Jesus’ family, and if there is room for them, there is room for us.


Genesis 25:13-35:29


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