Do you know the future?

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The Prophet Isaiah (Michelangelo)

Jesse Tree Day 14: Wouldn’t you love to know the future? As we get closer to the end of the year, we will hear more and more predictions of the world to come. In reality, they are just guesses, with some being more educated guesses than others.

When we hear of the prophets in the Bible, we generally think that they were just fortune tellers – someone with access to the plan that none of the rest of us can see. In a way, that is true. Our stop on the Jesse tree today is with Isaiah, who was a great prophet, and where most of the prophecies for the Messiah are found.

Written several hundred years before the birth of Christ, the author was not around to see them fulfilled. In fact, he had no idea when they would be fulfilled. He just reported the information as it was given to him.

Prophesy isn’t just a parlor trick. It is a message sent to us so that we can prepare for the future, change our present if needed, and give us a clear way to recognize God’s work as it comes to pass. Read Isaiah and see if you find anything familiar.

Isaiah 7:14, Isaiah 11, 49-53


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