Getting Ready

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The Baptism of Christ (Stella)

Jesse Tree Day 16: When someone is having a baby, they spend a lot of time getting ready for the arrival. The room is set up, the furniture is purchased, the bedding is in the crib, and blankets are folded and ready to go.

In the prophecies about a Messiah, we are told that there will be someone to prepare the way. Someone who will get the world ready to go. John the Baptist is just that person. He was born six months before Jesus, had a ministry that ended as Jesus’ ministry began, and his whole mission was to prepare people for the one who was greater than him. He drew people in, and softened their hearts so they could be ready to receive what came next.

Haven’t you had that in your life? Have you been that person? We lay a foundation, and the house is built by someone else. Rather than being frustrated when we aren’t the ones who get the credit, we can be grateful that we are part of the process. John had no pretensions of being the Messiah, even though people thought he could be. He knew that his job was to get them ready, and that was enough.



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