Do you believe?

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Appearance of Angel to St. Joseph (Georges de la Tour)

Jesse Tree Day 18: We don’t really hear much about Joseph. Yet, what little is written about him says a great deal. He is a kind man, who must love Mary. Back in the day, if your betrothed showed up pregnant, it meant death by stoning. He decides to keep it all quiet, and allow her to live by divorcing her. Then an angel comes in a dream and says, “Don’t worry – it was the Holy Spirit. Go ahead and marry her,” and Joseph believes it. He takes her in and marries her.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I can logic out a lot of my dreams and see where they have come from. This one has a life-changing implication, and goes against anything Joseph would have ever experienced. There must have been something different about it. He listens again when an angel comes in another dream and tells him to flee to Egypt with his family. These are difficult calls, and you have to have some serious faith to follow through with them.

As we stop at Joseph today, let him inspire us. Can we trust and listen when we are called to something? Especially something as difficult as forgiveness? Changing our plans to those of God? Joseph may have a small story, but it has large implications.


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