My God

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Creation of Adam (Michelangelo)

I have a friend who has stage 4 cancer. It’s a tough diagnosis, but her experience with it has been little short of miraculous. Time and again, there has been news that you really don’t want to hear. Then, time and again, God has opened doors, moved mountains, and delivered grace. As she gets ready to go for more tests to see if her treatment has been effective, I’ve thought about what I want to say as I send her off in prayer. What I have decided to tell her is something that most of us don’t realize in our own daily lives, but we should.

In most of our prayers, whether rote or spontaneous, we are very inclusive – “our” Father; bless “us,” Lord; pray for “us.” We are even told to pray for others before ourselves. All of this is great, and helps us to see that God is not exclusive. Jesus didn’t come for just one person, but for every person. However, we can lose the fact that God is exclusive on some level. Jesus did come for one person. That one person would be you. That one person would be me. This God that we pray to is my God. This is my friend’s God. This is your God. No “we,” just “me.” Claim it. Only then can you truly share it anyway.


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