Mystery, Gospel, Mark, Jesus, ministry, faith, disciple, follow me, follow Jesus, kingdom of God, believe, GodDon’t you love a good mystery? It grabs your attention, sparks your curiosity, and draws you in to find out more. As I was thinking about the draw of a mystery, I opened my Bible and saw a section title in the Gospel of Mark that I have never noticed before. “The Mystery of Jesus” begins right after Mark 1:13, and goes to Mark 8:27 when Peter proclaims the identity of Jesus as the Messiah.

In this section, Jesus performs miracles, teaches crowds, and calls disciples to follow Him. He is questioned by the Pharisees, by the followers of John the Baptist, and even noticed by King Herod (the son of the Herod who was alive when Jesus was born). Over and over, people ask, “Who is this man?” When He walks on water and calms the sea, even the apostles ask, “Who could this be?” They know Jesus as a leader, but He keeps stepping well beyond their expectations, and they have no framework for what is going on.

We will always have those moments of mystery when we ask, “Who are you?” It may be from a beautiful, miraculous surprise, or it may be from a moment of shock and despair. Whenever it is, these are the moments we are drawn in to discover more. Don’t pass on them.


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Child of God, wife, mom, author, teacher, musician
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