Solving the problem

I heard an interview with a woman who was a translator for the American military in Iraq. She was a housewife who was raising three sons, and whose husband couldn’t work for fear of being killed. She decided to try something to help her family survive, and ended up as a translator. She was a smart woman, but this isn’t what made her one of the most effective and trusted translators in her unit.

She was able to get more information from reticent citizens than anyone ever had. Why? Because of who she was. This gentle mother didn’t go into the military and become a tough soldier. She wore the uniform, but once she started talking to you, her spirit shined through and all you felt was welcoming comfort and safety. She was someone you could trust, and you knew it.

Each of us have our own personalities and ways of approaching problems. God rarely expects us to reject them and put on someone else’s personality. Some of us are more forceful, and can push through the mess to get to the end. Others are more gentle and will soften hearts to open doors. Sometimes we can fluctuate between the two. Allow God to use who you are to do the work He has for you. It’s the most effective way.


About Karen May

Child of God, wife, mom, author, teacher, musician
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