Do I know you?


You should know yourself better than you know anyone, but sometimes, you come into a situation that you learn something new about yourself. You discover a strength you didn’t know you had, a resilience that surprises you, an anger you didn’t know you felt, a gentleness you never expected, or a myriad of other things.

Jesus is the same. We will never know Jesus fully until we are finally standing face to face with Him. Until then, there will be those moments when we discover something new and surprising. Maybe we weren’t ready to see it, or maybe we couldn’t have understood it. Something has opened our eyes, and our relationship, or our appreciation and our faith is so much deeper than it was.

Sometimes, our understanding of Jesus is shattered, and we are left wondering who this is that we believe in. Sometimes our faith in ourselves is shattered, and we have to decide who we really are. All I can tell you, in either of these situations, is that there are times when we are stripped to nothing so that we can rebuild on a strong and true foundation. We may not think that we can do it. We may feel abandoned, but we are not. In all of these moments, the wondrous and the difficult, we are given grace. We have the chance to draw ever closer to the God who loves us, and the person we are meant to be. And we wait to discover even more.



About Karen May

Child of God, wife, mom, author, teacher, musician
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