Water Crossing

river, water, crossing

We went hiking over Christmas break, and had a few places where we had to cross a stream. It’s always a challenge in the winter. Even though the water is low compared to the summer months, you still have to wade through it, and it is really cold. Finding a place with stones or logs to keep your feet out of the water as you cross is a joyful thing for most of us in the family.

We all have various paths that we travel in life. Some are joyful, some are challenging, some are tragic and sad. We may think that our path is going one direction, only to realize that we have been prepared for something we never expected. In all of this, we may wonder if there is any purpose or reason to our lives and our stories.

When we look at our lives, and each story that we live, we will see that we have been given stepping stones to help us get to our destination. They may keep our feet out of the water, or we may have to wade a bit, but they are there. The amazing thing is that our story can be the stepping stone that someone else needs to continue on the path God has for them. We just have to be willing to share it.


About Karen May

Child of God, wife, mom, author, teacher, musician
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