I am in the middle of a writing retreat – three days of setting everything aside and working on my next book. It’s a time of incredible focus and wonderful progress, as I write with friends who are doing the same. At one point, with the sound of chainsaws roaring through the open windows as the trees were being cleared from the property around us, we were trying to go through an exercise to help us focus and clear our minds of distractions.

The weather was terrible, yet the chainsaws were rolling along, providing nothing but distractions. As I listened to the directions for the exercise I realized that my friend’s voice was clear enough to hear easily.

If I focused on the chainsaws, I wouldn’t hear the directions. I wouldn’t hear her voice.
But if I allowed them to exist, allowed them to be present in my world,  and focused on her voice within it, all was well.

There are many noises in our lives. Some even rise to the level of a roar. But, there is one voice that we should focus on, one voice that we need to hear. There may be things that we would rather not have in our world, but if we allow them to exist, if we allow them to be present without resenting the fact that they are there, all will be well.


About Karen May

Child of God, wife, mom, author, teacher, musician
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