The Power of Love



I’ve been thinking about the Holy Spirit recently. We have a picture of God as Father, and one of Jesus as Son and Savior, but the Holy Spirit doesn’t get a lot of press outside of looking like a dove and tongues of fire. Neither of those seems to go together, do they?

I’ve  also heard the Holy Spirit explained as the love that flows between God the Father and Jesus the Son. It is so strong and effective that it creates another aspect of God that we call the Holy Spirit. Odd, isn’t it?

To me, an apt analogy is that of a parent’s love. As a parent, there is a love that binds you to your child, and it can be incredibly powerful indeed. You have to comfort, guide, cajole, discipline, challenge, and support, but you do it because you love them so much.

Then, I think of what the Holy Spirit does. It prays for us with inexpressible groanings when we don’t know how to pray. It descends with the gentleness of a dove when we need to feel God’s touch. It sets our hearts on fire and enables us to act courageously as we never would have otherwise. This is the love that God has for us. It is powerful, and it is something different from the faces of God that we know in the Father and the Son. It is pretty amazing.


About Karen May

Child of God, wife, mom, author, teacher, musician
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