Working Out



In January and February, the gyms are full of New Year’s resolutions. Classes are full, registrations are at the yearly high, and spirits are high. Then, about March, things thin out quite a bit. It’s why those gyms want you to sign up for the full year rather than pay-as-you-go.

Now, in those couple months at the beginning of the year, you may miss a class, or sleep in one day, but then you go back. As long as you keep going back, it is good for your health. It’s when you stop going altogether that there is no longer a benefit.

A friend reminded me of this when she was talking about contemplative prayer last week. We sit and try to be quiet with God. We try to be comfortable just being in His presence, but we are distracted. We have things to do, conversations we want to have, projects to finish, or just a thought about a book that we were reading. We can be frustrated in the distraction, or we can realize, as she said, “The power is not in the amount of time we spent in prayer, but in the coming back.”

Of course, God would love our complete and total focus, but He knows who we are, and He will work with whatever we can give, even if it is just a moment of attention. Just keep going back. Each time, it will make you stronger.


About Karen May

Child of God, wife, mom, author, teacher, musician
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