Fire in my Soul


I love to sit by the fire, good book in one hand, hot mug in the other, the smell and crackle of the burning wood filling the air, the cold kept at bay as I am surrounded by warmth.

I have a friend who has made me think about the Holy Spirit recently, and the thing that keeps coming up for me is the connection that is usually made between the Holy Spirit and fire. Like fire, the Holy Spirit can be a source of comfort, warmth, and life. That fire in your heart can give you courage and help you do incredible things. That fire can also be incredibly strong and bring you to places that seem wildly out of control.

We can see the power of the Holy Spirit when we look at the apostles after Pentecost. They went from hiding in fear to telling the Jewish and Roman authorities that they had totally messed up, and needed to repent. All this as they were standing arrested in front of said authorities. It makes you a little nervous about asking the Holy Spirit to come into your life, doesn’t it?

But, when the Holy Spirit does come, those things that feel wildly out of control are all of a sudden in complete control. Those things that seem impossible are very possible. It helps give us courage as we pray, “Come, Holy Spirit.”


About Karen May

Child of God, wife, mom, author, teacher, musician
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