Small changes

I used to be a horrible swimmer. I could swim for fun, but swimming for exercise was just the worst. I’m a fit person, so I could do the cardio. Somehow, though, I would get to the end of the length of the pool (not a lap, a length) and I couldn’t go on because I was completely out of breath. It made no sense.

Finally, a friend who had swum in college gave me a couple tips. She told me to stop kicking so much, and breathe back towards my shoulder instead of to the side. Then, instead of my legs sinking with every breath, and kicking to bring them back up, I could float along the top of the water and allow my arms to actually pull me forward. I stepped in the water and was immediately able to swim half a mile without a problem. It took so much less effort to swim much, much farther. I couldn’t believe it.


How does this relate to faith? I think of it often as I talk to people who wrestle with a teaching or a concept or a belief. So often, the smallest things can create the largest obstacles. The wonderful thing is that it can take the smallest adjustments to make the way so much easier. A little research into what the teaching actually is, looking at something from a different angle, or just taking a moment not to work so hard and overthink it.

When you have the right technique, it doesn’t just look easy, it is easy. Give it a shot.


About Karen May

Child of God, wife, mom, author, teacher, musician
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2 Responses to Small changes

  1. hadleywrites says:

    Insightful and practical!
    Just what I needed in the moment. Thank you, Karen

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