Unexpected Witness

My husband and I  were at a restaurant for lunch, and it’s not one where you would necessarily expect to have a moment of faith. The waitstaff, with their tattoos, and alternative-leaning clothes, hair color, and makeup don’t appear to be the church-going type. No matter. Whenever we go, we pray before our meal as we do for every meal, and continue on with our time together.

A couple months ago, our waitress at this restaurant commented that she really loved that we stopped for that moment and wanted to let us know that she found it important and beautiful. This month, my husband noticed a tattoo on the neck of our waitress, but couldn’t read it. Most people love to talk about their tattoos, so I encouraged him to ask her. The words on her neck?

“I am a daughter of the King.”

What a way to share her faith, and to remind us of who we are. She gave herself a great way to tell the world, “This is who I am,” whenever they may ask. It might even have been a moment for us to help her remember that for herself. The back of your neck is not something you see very often, but I bet that God uses it to give her a gentle touch when she needs it. And, finally, it’s our reminder that we should never judge any book by its cover. You never know what is contained inside.


I am the daughter of a king, My God is with me. I do not fear because I am His.



About Karen May

Child of God, wife, mom, author, teacher, musician
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