Must. Keep. Going.

Seventh Station, Jesus falls, Amayzing Graces, Karen May

The Seventh Station of the Cross

Jesus falls the Second Time

Jesus falls again. He is weak, and even with help, he cannot continue and falls under the weight of the cross. Being 2,000 years from the story, it is easy to make it just that–a story. Even more, we reduce it to an almost cliché phrase, “Jesus died for our sins.” The clean, generally well-muscled Jesus that hangs in our churches is less bloody than most children who have fallen on a sidewalk. There might be a little drop of blood on the forehead from a thorn prick, and occasionally there is another drop from the wound on Jesus’ side, but overall, He looks pretty good.

Entering into this moment, we start to see that this is much more than a simple sacrifice. This was brutal, and not neat and clean at all. This isn’t a story. This is personal.

Watch as Jesus stumbles under the weight of the cross. Look as He struggles to continue with a strength that seems like it cannot possibly last. Know that this was done for you. Know that every sin you have ever done and every sin you will ever do is placed upon that cross, and He will never lay it down, no matter how brutal or ugly it gets. And it’s all for you.


If you’re just now jumping in, find the rest of the Stations of the Cross here.


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