Forgive them, Lord.

The Eleventh Station, Jesus is nailed to the Cross, Amayzing Graces, Karen May

The Eleventh Station: Jesus is Nailed to the Cross

As Jesus hangs from the cross, He has every reason to call down punishment and judgment on the people who placed Him there and on the people who come by to look and jeer at Him. He has the power to condemn any of them, from Judas to Pilate to Peter, but He refuses to do so. Instead, He asks for them to be forgiven. He asks for each and every one of them. Where does He find the strength to forgive them?

He can do this, because He can see the other side of the story. He can see them through the eyes of their Creator. He can see that this sacrifice must be made, and if they had any idea what they were doing, it would be stopped. He can see that they can’t see, because their eyes have been clouded by sin, pride, and fear. He can see that they can’t see, because their eyes are searching for someone powerful and strong to lead them, not someone meek and servile to guide them. He can see that they are lost and need a shepherd to lead them home, and He wants to lead them home more than anything. “Forgive them, Lord. They know not what they do.” Forgive us, Lord, when we don’t know what we do.

May God bless us as we begin this Holy Week.


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