He is Risen

He is Risen! Easter lily, Amayzing Graces, Karen May

Happy Easter!

This day brings us to the pinnacle of our faith. Without the Resurrection, Jesus was nothing more than another prophet, and a bad one at that. With the Resurrection, everything changes. The Holy of Holies is opened, the power of death is overcome, and God’s love has been proven to go well beyond this life that we know. At this point in the story, however, none of this is clear. All that is clear is that Jesus is no longer dead, and the Messiah that they thought they had in Him has returned. There is much more for the Jesus’ followers to understand.

Our own faith is so similar. We can discover truths that we didn’t understand before, and still have much to learn. We can make great leaps in our faith and knowledge, and still have no concept of what God will do with it. Fortunately for us, we have a God who is patient and who never gives up on us. Easter doesn’t end here. It is just beginning. So are we.


About Karen May

Child of God, wife, mom, author, teacher, musician
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