Speak to me

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Don’t you love when God speaks to your heart and it is exactly what you need? I love when I am wrestling with something or asking for a grace, and when I open my Bible or a devotional or turn on the radio, the very first thing speaks exactly to my lost, confused, frustrated, or frightened soul. And it happens all the time.

As we have sat with the story of Thomas, I know that so many people want and need signs. I know that many of us wonder why we aren’t getting a sign or a message when we need it most. I wonder if some of it is in the asking. I may be struggling with something and asking God to fix it or change it. If that’s all I’m looking for, then I will miss the messages telling me that it won’t be changed.

Instead, when I ask God to help me work my way through it, or to bring me peace in it, or help me to see what He wants of me in it, or any other prayer that asks for God’s will over mine, then I am flooded with His messages. I am filled with His peace, or at least direction to help me get there.

Blessed are we who haven’t seen, yet believe. May we have a glimpse of what we need, even though we doubt or falter in our faith. May we remember that God is present and stronger than anything we can throw at him. May you hear His voice today.


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Child of God, wife, mom, author, teacher, musician
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2 Responses to Speak to me

  1. bigeddy7536 says:

    Love the cover illustration of the kid reading the Bible!

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