Let me do it.

I have been dealing with some health issues with my youngest child lately. I hate when my children suffer. As we work our way through doctor’s appointments, physical therapy, referrals, and tests, I have thought about why this is so hard for me. I have my own share of ailments, as we all do. I have had my moments of suffering, illness, and just feeling lousy. Whenever my children have something, I know that I am like pretty much any other parent in wishing that I could take it from them. I would much rather suffer myself than have them suffer.

As we are living in the Easter season, I looked to the Cross, and realized that this is exactly what Jesus just did for us. How painful it must be for our Creator to see us suffer. How incredibly awful it would be for Jesus to see us separated from His love and His grace because of pride, doubt, fear, sinI did it for you, Jesus, Amayzing Graces, Karen May, or anger. So, He took it all upon Himself and actually paid the price. He took every bit of it, and hung it on the Cross. He could have come down. He could have called on armies of angels. He didn’t. He stayed on that Cross, knowing that He could do it, knowing that there was no way He wouldn’t do it for us. All we have to do is accept it. Pretty amazing.




About Karen May

Child of God, wife, mom, author, teacher, musician
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2 Responses to Let me do it.

  1. Simone Krasan says:

    Well said. I hope whoever it is things are good.


    Simone Sent from my iPhone


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