Talk, talk, talk

St. John of the Cross, In the beginning, Amayzing Graces, Karen May

When we pray, when we talk to God, it is so easy to fill our prayer with words. There are endless suggestions for ways to pray with words. Here are just a few I know of:

ACTS – Adoration, Contrition, Thanksgiving, Supplication.

5-fingers – the thumb for those closest to you, index finger for those who teach you and point the way, middle finger for those who stand above us in authority, ring finger for those who are weak, pinky for ourselves put into perspective of all the others.

JOY – Jesus, Others, You

Of course, there are many pre-written prayers such as the Lord’s Prayer.

All of these are filled with words, and they help us express our love and our needs in beautiful ways. But, we can forget that prayer is not actually about the words, it is about the relationship that we build with our loving God. None of these have a moment of silence or listening. How I would hate to have a relationship with someone who only spoke to me, but never listened to my response. Even if my response was only to say, “Thank you, I love you, too.”

So, today, stop for a moment and listen. There may not be a booming voice from heaven, but I bet there will be something. Maybe in the moment, maybe a feeling or peace in your heart, maybe a word or gift that you receive and recognize later, because you stopped to listen. Just listen, and see.


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2 Responses to Talk, talk, talk

  1. I quite often use the Lord’s Prayer as a template. In other words, I’ll start off with, “Our Father” … and then think about what it means to have God as my father (there are SO MANY thoughts one can have on that alone!), and thank him, and ponder a bit. “Who is in Heaven, hallowed be your name” – stop and think about what it means that he’s in Heaven, and that Jesus came here to earth. Praise. Think about his holiness. Etcetera. I don’t like formulae or recited prayers, but I find the Lord’s Prayer enables me to cover all the bases, and when I go through it thoughtfully there’s quite a lot of time for listening.

    • Karen May says:

      I love that idea! That’s how I do my Rosaries. It takes my whole 30 minute run to get through 2 mysteries, when the “standard” time is 15 minutes for 5. It’s a good thing. 🙂

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