What’s in a name?


“Jesus does not call Thomas ‘The Doubter,’ in the same way that he does not call Peter ‘The Denier,’ or Andrew ‘The Deserter.’

The devil calls us by our sin. God calls us by our name and gives us the gift of ourselves, our worth in His eyes.” – Father Dennis Strach, CSC

God calls us by our name, Father Dennis Strach, Amayzing Graces, Karen May


What names do you think God has for you? Hesitater? Questioner? Failure? Sinner? There are plenty of ways that we go wrong, and plenty of areas that we need God to enter in to heal or transform. I have so many, and I need to invite Him in every day to receive the grace to continue on this path of transformation and holiness that draws me ever closer to my Lord. I can look anytime and see the places I have fallen short, and the ways that I continue to hold myself back, or the things I refuse to hand over.

When we see as the devil sees us, then these names become who we are. They cover our true identity. God sees them as well, but He sees through them. They are never enough to block His view of who we are. They are never enough to stop Him from releasing us from the chains that bind us to them. Yes, we may doubt, but that doubt can be the strongest sign that we are truly longing for God and anything less will never be enough. Yes, we may delay, but in that delay, we can truly see the power of trusting and stepping out into God’s plan. We are not perfect, but God is, and He has given Himself to us. That’s really all we need.


About Karen May

Child of God, wife, mom, author, teacher, musician
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