True faith

If you truly believe something, then it must truly change you, Randall Wallace, Amayzing Graces, Karen May

“Modern people will say, ‘I’m spiritual, but not religious.’ … The implication is that any belief is a bad one; any belief that causes a person to change direction, make any real alteration in life, undergo any transformation, change any value system is bad. I say that is the only belief that is a belief. If you truly believe something, then it must truly change you.” – Randall Wallace, Living the Braveheart Life


A friend once told me about a breakthrough insight that he had. He was “spiritual, but not religious,” because he didn’t think that God should be put in a box. God was bigger than any religion.

He was right, of course. God is much bigger than any religion. He’s much bigger than any building we could build, and system we could create, and any philosophy we could think up.

However, my friend realized that in rejecting religion as being too small, he was putting God in his own box. He thought God could be anywhere, but He couldn’t possibly be in Church. Surprisingly enough, Church is right where he really found and experienced God in an incredible way.

Religion is there to help us find God. It is there to help us relate to and be present with God. It is there to discover more and more about who God is, what He means to us, and how we can open ourselves completely to His presence and His grace. Now, there are plenty of imperfect people involved but there are many people whose faith and desire for God is incredible, and the Holy Spirit works wonders in and through all of them.

Yes, God is more than any religion, but it doesn’t mean that we can’t use religion to find Him in the first place.



About Karen May

Child of God, wife, mom, author, teacher, musician
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