What does your God look like?

The Annunciation stained glass, Karen May, Amayzing Graces, inspirational blog

What kind of God do you have?

Convenience store God? One that provides a little rest as you travel on your own journey? You might stop to go to the bathroom, grab some gas, and even a snack to give you a lift as you continue on your merry way without Him?

Buffet God? One that has lots of options to choose from, and you just pick your favorites? Don’t like the fish? Go for the roast beef. Don’t like beets? You can leave them. Really, you could just go straight to the dessert table. It’s where the best stuff is anyway.

Magician God? One that pulls rabbits out of a hat at just the right time? One that always answers prayers with a “yes”?

Volcano God? One that erupts without warning, destroying anything in His way that isn’t strong enough? One that requires much effort and strength to reach?

Grandma God? One that gives hugs when you need it, and always has a treat in her pocket? One that thinks your wonderful, even when no one else does?

Each of these has a little part of God in them. None of them is nearly enough nor complete, yet we live with them daily. We see God the way we want to see God. We see God the way we expect to see God. And when something happens that doesn’t fit, we can lose God.

Whenever our God falls short, or doesn’t live up to our expectations, we are given an empty space in our faith. And it is in that space that God can show just one more side to us. It is in that space that our picture is made more complete. Watch for it.


About Karen May

Child of God, wife, mom, author, teacher, musician
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