Everyone needs an Elizabeth

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Sometimes, we just want to be understood.

Mary is visited by an angel, and goes straight to see Elizabeth. Immediately, Elizabeth greets her with understanding and insight.

“Yes, I see what you see.”

“Look, I have something unbelievable in my life, too.”

“I understand.”

How comforting that must have been. The angel himself was intimidating, much less the message he delivered. Who could she tell about it? How could she possibly explain it? There’s something about having another person who knows where you are because in some way, they have been there, too. Mary didn’t have to explain anything. Elizabeth knew it all from the moment Mary walked through her door.

How incredible to have someone who understands our faith experiences. How wonderful to have someone to share those God moments and angels kisses with. I hope that you have someone like that, but even better, I hope that you are that person.

I hope that you are someone who can celebrate the times when Jesus breaks into someone’s world. I hope that you are someone who can see Jesus in someone else, even if no one else can. Each time you do, you get another Elizabeth for yourself, and if one is wonderful, just think what it would be like to have more.


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