Silent Night

For unto us a child is born, manger Silent Night, Christmas Eve, Karen May, Amayzing Graces,

I love Midnight Mass.

Nothing more can be prepared or bought. Christmas Eve gatherings are done. Christmas morning is almost here. And the waiting is over. Our Savior is born.

The thing I love about Midnight Mass is that it is so quiet. Right before Jesus was born, the world was no different from it had been before. There were no angels singing, no trumpets playing, no wise men coming. It was just a couple in a stable waiting for a baby that the world didn’t know yet. It was just a family away from home waiting for the arrival of a child who would change that world in ways that couldn’t even be imagined at the time.

This is where we sit when we arrive. It is quiet, it is calm. We wait. And then we see. This Child enters the world, and all is changed. Not in an instant. Not even within a few years. He enters with fanfare from the angels and gifts from the Magi, but His work will take years to come to completion. It still isn’t done, is it?

But here we see that it has started. We welcome this tiny baby into our lives. We start by gazing into the manger. We approach with the poor gifts that we have to offer, and they are enough. We leave with this small piece of hope in our hearts, knowing that Jesus can take and transform all that we give to Him.

Christmas has come.


About Karen May

Child of God, wife, mom, author, teacher, musician
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