What we see depends mainly on what we look for, John Lubbock, rock balancing, Karen May, Amayzing Graces

Who are you? At your core. A mother, a father, a sister, a brother? A student, a doctor, a teacher, an engineer, a designer?

You are a child of God. Someone whom God thought was worth coming down from heaven and taking on human nature for. No only that, but God thought it was worth dying for anything you might do that would turn you away from Him, create distance, or separate you from Him in any way.

When my children started playing soccer, we noticed that it was extremely difficult for anyone to kick the ball anywhere but into the goalies hands when they were trying to score a goal. We realized that their focus was almost exclusively on the obstacle before them.

Instead, when they could find the space or the hole that was widely available around the goalie, they did much better.

It’s the same with our sin, or with anything that separates us from God.

When we focus on what we are doing wrong, it is very hard to see the gift that is given to us. When we see what we’re doing wrong and look beyond into the enormous open spaces of love, forgiveness, and  mercy, then the return into the loving arms of our Savior is that much easier.

Thank you to everyone who has purchased a copy of my new book Walking Through Holy Week. Lent is coming on February 14th. Order your copy here to make it a good one!


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Child of God, wife, mom, author, teacher, musician
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