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Two Best Days

What are the two best days in your life? It’s a good question, and was asked of me  recently. It’s hard to narrow it down. Was it the day I got married? The day I had my children? College days? … Continue reading

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Wouldn’t you think that I would be someone who didn’t need to be reminded to let God be in control? Well, you would be completely wrong. I need reminded over and over again. Right now, I have a project that … Continue reading

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God has a plan

You’ve heard “God has a plan for you”, right? Sometimes when you really don’t want to hear it, and sometimes when you are right at the start of something, and hoping that He really does, because you don’t know where … Continue reading

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Sometimes we make things so complicated. Taking 10 steps to do something that could be done in four, or thinking that the steps are actually the goal. I found a verse that brought things down to the basics for me, … Continue reading

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