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Making the Hard Choices

I have a daughter who is horrible at making decisions. Everyone loves her because she is honestly happy with whatever they decide. What movie should we see? They’re both great. What to eat for dinner? Everything is delicious. It’s great. … Continue reading

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The Old Testament God

The Old Testament God is often seen as an angry, harsh, demanding God as opposed to the New Testament kindness and mercy of Jesus. It’s a funny dichotomy that is fairly well supported by the reading yesterday where “Joshua mowed … Continue reading

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Have you ever been unable to make a choice, and then when you choose one option, you realize the other option is what you really wanted? This weekend, there was a reading that reminded me of that experience. Joshua is addressing … Continue reading

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So, we had a miracle here yesterday.  All tests, and there were some very clear ones, indicated that our 17-year-old friend’s heart valve was too badly damaged, and they were going to have to replace it with a mechanical valve.  … Continue reading

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