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Fruits of the Spirit: Peace

News was coming from all sides, and none of it was good. My mother – breast cancer. Father-in-law – inoperable intestinal cancer. Daughter’s boyfriend – cancer. Leukemia finally took my cousin much too early. Yet in the midst of the … Continue reading

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Fruits of the Spirit: Joy

  This past weekend, our church had over 130 teens receive their Confirmation. I was amazed to see the atmosphere as we prepared to enter the church. It was like Christmas. Everyone was excited, congratulating and hugging each other, admiring … Continue reading

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By their fruits they will be known

    Of all the aspects of God, I think the Holy Spirit is one of the hardest to get our minds around. Think about it, God the Father and God the Son have skin on. We can picture a … Continue reading

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It’s finally here. The fiftieth day of Easter. Pentecost. It’s interesting to me that Pentecost is not just an event after Easter, but an event of Easter. Like I said fifty days ago, Easter was not the end, it was … Continue reading

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