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“Behold, you will conceive in your womb and bear a son, and you shall name him Jesus. He will be great and will be called Son of the Most High and the Lord God will give him the throne of … Continue reading

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This weekend, we entered into the season of Advent. It’s a beautiful season of waiting, anticipating, and remembering. In keeping with the theme, we will wander slowly through the story of Jesus’ birth, stopping along the way to examine the … Continue reading

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Who’s praying for you?

Every once in a while I stop in a prayer and really think about what I’m saying. You know what I mean – that moment when you really hear what your saying or suddenly see it from a different perspective. … Continue reading

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Dinner with a Friend

Just before Jesus enters Jerusalem for the last time, he stops and has a meal with Martha, Mary, and Lazarus. (John 12:1-11) As Jesus is heading to his own death, He has dinner with the man He raised from the … Continue reading

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Everyone needs an Elizabeth

Sometimes, we just want to be understood. Mary is visited by an angel, and goes straight to see Elizabeth. Immediately, Elizabeth greets her with understanding and insight. “Yes, I see what you see.” “Look, I have something unbelievable in my … Continue reading

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Vision Correction

My daughter recently got her first pair of glasses. We’ve checked her eyes before, and even now they said that she only had a slight problem and really didn’t need glasses. However, I knew that she needed them because she … Continue reading

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Advent with Mary

Advent is such a beautiful time, and it can be so easily missed with all of the shopping, activities, events, parties, and endless things to do to get ready for Christmas or wrap up the year. I love to sit … Continue reading

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What is the deal with Mary?

It’s funny that the Mother of Jesus is such a sensitive topic. I mean, if God thought she was good enough to carry the Savior of the world, how could she be controversial? But, controversial she is. I think a … Continue reading

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I’ll be there for you

The Fourth Station: Jesus Meets His Mother   Jesus exclaims, “My God, My God, why have you abandoned me?” from the cross. I wonder, as we come to the place where Mary meets Jesus on the way to His death, … Continue reading

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Catch me on Mary’s Touch!

Listen to my story! Mary’s Touch is rebroadcasting my interview this weekend. Here in Texas, you can hear me on the Guadalupe Radio Network (Sunday, 5:30pm) or on Relevant Radio (Friday, 9:30am, Saturday, 6:00pm, or Sunday 8:30am) I hope you enjoy … Continue reading

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